New Online Language Learning Sites

There are several new online language learning sites popping up all the time.  It seems that internet connectivity has reached its tipping point, and it’s so easy to run software over an internet connect as well as stream media.  I think the biggest contribution to the proliferation of new online language courses is also the ability to stream data from the web to people’s mobile phones.  Never before has content access been so easy.

One of the coolest and most popular online language learning sites is LiveMocha.  This site has gotten mixed reviews but overall it’s one of the best online language learning communities out there.

Also recently, Rocket Languages has moved from a more “solid” course that you would do at home to a more flexible course that you can access online from anywhere.  This added flexibility is key to really being able to use it on the go.  And let’s be honest – everyone is constantly on the go these days.

If you’re going to be using the internet to learn a new language, then I highly suggest that you protect your PC from malware and spyware.  Any website is vulnerable to attack, and you could end up with what’s known as a “drive by download” which can infect your PC.  There are a few great programs that can help you to clean your PC of malware and spyware.  One of the best is Spyhunter 4, which you can download here.

Another great tool is Norton 360, which is one of the better antivirus software tools out there on the market.