Another Language Learning Strategy Guide

Learning a new language can be difficult.  One thing that makes it easier is a good solid strategy, as well as some good old fashioned motivation.  This comes in plenty of volume in the Language Hacking Guide, also known as Speak From Day 1 from Benny Lewis.  Lewis is a native of Ireland who has made a kind of profession out of traveling the world and learning all the languages he can; and blogging about it.  Eventually he learned how to learn, and put down his best strategies in a helpful and easy to read Ebook.

One of Benny’s key points is to learn by creating a need to learn. He suggests that most people learning a new language are lazy about it and just revert to their native language most of the time.  This is fatal to learning success, he suggests, and he advises people to get their act together and force themselves to learn the language in question.

He also advocates a strategy of speaking the language right away, no matter how many mistakes you make or how many words you know.  This might be intimidating for some, but it’s a good practical approach.

In this helpful review of the language program it is stated that his book is applicable to all languages and reasons for learning.  However, he does mention that his methods might not be the best for students who need to learn specific things to pass certain tests.  That’s the only drawback.

We suggest checking out his website and blog as well as his book for a bunch of helpful and unique insights into linguistics and learning new languages.